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New Motor Installation Services

Like the broken spring the motor is another technical and sensitive component of the garage door. It therefore needs to be held with care and only by qualified and experienced personnel. Garage door repair Whitestone offers you some guidelines on how to maintain the motor on top of how to inspect them for malfunction. The motor breaks down because of wear and tear which is mainly caused by friction on the moving fragments of the motor. It is advisable to lubricate the moving segments of the motor to extend its lifespan. Sometimes the motor breaks down because it is too old. In such a case you are left with no choice than to replace the motor before circumstances force you to replace the whole door. If the door will not open or close properly, chances are the motor is faulty. However, it is every time good to confirm that the door sensors have not been block and that there is no physical object on the way through which the garage door closes. If you doubt a fault with the motor, contact us and let our expert sort out the issues for you. We are just a call from you and we are open to serve you 24*7. Our specialists have enough experience to disassemble the motor and check the problem and repair it if the problem can be repaired. If the motor cannot be repaired, we will replace it with a quality and long lasting one.

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